To experiment with recent developments in digital printing, Print/Press (Nadine Rotem-Stibbe and Oliver Barstow) commissioned 12 artists/designers from around the world to participate in the making of a 2019 calendar. Each contributor was given one calendar month to produce a design that works with the principles of variable data. Characteristic of digital printing, variable data allows for the reproduction of unique multiples in a single print run. As a result of this process, each contributor made 12 variables for each calendar month, which made up the final print run of 144 calendars.

The research for Print/Press was commissioned by the PublishingLab, and realised by 
Oliver Barstow & Nadine Rotem-Stibbe.

The research was made possible by support from:
The printing of the calendar was realised with the support of:
With special thanks to:
  • Margreet Riphagen (PublishingLab)
  • Silvio Lorusso (PublishingLab)
  • Jaap Vinken (Sandberg Instituut)
  • Albert Noppen (Commbizz)
  • Jeroen van Druenen (Jubels)
  • Erwin Koerts (Aeroprint)
  • Esther Krop (De Monsterkamer)

Contact: nadine@rotem.eu or oliver@ifwhen.art

Typeface: 'Laica', by Alessio D'Ellena